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Never tried Somali food before? We can't wait to introduce you!

Having spent approximately half his life in Africa and the other half in Australia, Abdo is truly a Somali-Australian.


After arriving in Australia in 1998, it was hard to find food that felt like home. So Abdo and his family started serving food to the growing Somali community in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, opening restaurant, Hamar Weyne. Initially just about meeting a need for the local Somali community, the restaurant grew, and has been embraced and enjoyed by people from all backgrounds.


And now, Abdo brings a fresh take on traditional Somali dishes to Flemington.

Our food is 100% halal, and is cooked using the freshest, quality ingredients.

Not sure what to expect? Prepare yourself for tender, succulent meat cooked in a delicious blend of spices. Fragrant rice and a combination of fresh and cooked vegetables complete the meal.

Sweet spiced tea is also available, along with a range of sweet and savoury snacks and treats.


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